Succulents | DIY

I’ve wanted to do this project for quite some time now and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

For this you only need three things: a pot (preferably one with a drainage hole thought not compulsory), your choice of succulents and a good quality succulent soil mix.
I got this adorable cup-pot at Bunnings, which was perfect for me as I love tea. I decided to go for three relatively small succulents so that they can grow out and so that it didn’t look too crowded in the pot. I got the succulent mix from Bunnings as well, but any shop around you that sells gardening products should have some.
First off you want to put some of the soil mix into the pot. Fill it up to about 1/4th of the pot. Then place in your succulents in your arrangement of choice. To make it easier to get them out of the pack they come it, lightly squeeze the edges of the pot as this will let them slide out. Carefully slide them out and place down. Then top it up with some more soil, making sure that the succulents aren’t too covered by it.
This step isn’t necessary but it is better for the plants so I thought I’d do it. Get some Seasol Seaweed Concentrate, or any other health treatment. Dilute it with water as instructed on the packaging and then water the plants with it. This will just ensure healthy grow to the succulents from the very start.
And you’re done! It’s that easy!
Do you have any succulents at home?

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