Sephora Sun Disk Bronzing Powder | Review

I got this because I loved how huge it looked and I really enjoy products that are ridiculously big or ridiculously small!

I ordered this online and got it in the shade 02 Medium. It comes in really nice, simple, sturdy packaging. It has a huge mirror, which I absolutely love as it’s so convenient especially for travel! The packaging is sleek and black, definitely giving it a more expensive feel than how much it cost ($25 AUD).
The bronzer itself isn’t ridiculously powdery, is easy to blend and is easy to build up as well. It’s perfect for my tanned skin and as it’s summer in Australia it works really well! I think this shade for my pale skin might be a little too red for me, as it definitely has red and orange undertones. However, on my tanned skin, it blends out to give me a gorgeous, natural matte bronze.
Overall I think it’s definitely worth giving this a go especially for the price and how much you get!
What’s your favorite bronzer?

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