Penguin Island | Day Trip

Located 45min out of Perth and a 5min ferry ride away, Penguin Island is one of the best day-trip destinations in Western Australia.

Michael and I took our day off to travel up there last week, and it was an amazing experience. The sun shined brightly and the weather couldn’t have been any nicer.
The little penguins are the stars of the island, being the smallest species in the world. Upon reaching the island, there are three set times of penguin feeding, where the local workers explain why the penguins that are there, are there and how long before they are released back onto the island. The penguins themselves are very relaxed and look so fluffy! Too much cuteness to handle!
The island has gorgeous views of the ocean, not ceasing to amaze any passerby. It was an amazing day out, we went snorkeling (though there was a lot of seaweed about so snorkeling wasn’t overly successful) and walked around the island.
What’s your favourite day trip destination?
Dress & Hat: Cotton On
Sunglasses: Dotty


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