Benefit POREfessional | Is It Worth The Hype?

I have pores all around my T-Zone area and I’m always on the lookout for pore minimizing primers. So I finally decided to try out the POREfessional, which is much raved about and costs $53 AUD from the Australian Sephora website.

I did have high expectations from this just because of how many people talk about it. I really enjoyed how it has a nice smooth, silky feel to it and is easy to spread out. You don’t need much to fill the pores in, which was good and it did help to reduce them. It’s quite lightweight and not very oily, thought I do have dry skin and it did feel slightly greasy when I first applied it, so I’m not sure how it’d work on someone with oily skin.
It left a really easy to work with surface for further makeup application. The cream itself isn’t white but rather more of a skin-tone shade, but the color doesn’t transfer onto the skin. It lasted really well too.
All in all I guess I can say I am happy with it and would probably repurchase. However, the price is pretty steep and I think if you’re on the lookout for a more drugstore option, the Garnier Perfect Blur primer (reviewed here) is amazing.
Have you tried the POREfessional before? What are your favorite primers?

6 thoughts on “Benefit POREfessional | Is It Worth The Hype?

  1. The price is too steep for me, but i had a sample of this and still love it ❤ people say the baby skin was a drug store dupe but it is nothing comparable. This stuff even filled in my little wrinkle on my forehead! totally gone! amazing ❤ love this stuff, but yeah wish i could afford it.


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