Essence $2 Lipliners | Review

I first decided to try these because of their amazing price of just $2 AUD and I can’t pass on something so affordable!

These come in a few different shades and I have three, which are the old packaging, and four, which are in the new packaging. The colors are all pigmented and I don’t find that I need to work hard at all to get the color payoff.
The old range is definitely a little creamier than the new range, so you might find with the new ones that they do feel quite hard at first. However I found that once I used it a few times and if you warm it up a little first, they are still creamy enough for me. I prefer them to not be too soft, as I like to line my lips very precisely, so I like that they are stiffer in that sense.
When I wear lipliner I do usually fill in my whole lip and not just line it and I find I don’t have a problem with getting even coverage everywhere with either the new or the old formula. They all last well and anything I put on top of them doesn’t go weird (whether normal or liquid lipstick). The only one that I think is kind of dry and patchy is the shade 07 Cute Pink in the new range but I might have just got a dud one as the rest are fine.
They don’t dry my lips out or feel weird/tacky and I would definitely recommend checking them out, especially for the price!!!
Have you tried these before? Did you like them?

27 thoughts on “Essence $2 Lipliners | Review

  1. I haven’t seen these in Priceline! I guess I’m not looking hard enough. I’m gonna have to hunt them down because it’s so expensive to buy good lip liners when you’re filling in your whole lips! They run out so quickly. So thanks for sharing these!



    1. Yeah definitely hunt them down!!! They only offer Essence in some stores for some reason but it’s worth the taking time to look! And yes, exactly they run out so fast!! Xx


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