Decluttering My Makeup

I am very far from having a big makeup collection however I find that I hold on to products that don’t work for me or that have expired, for absolutely no reason. So I thought it was time to throw some stuff away! Find out why I am getting rid of these products by reading on.

Firstly I’m throwing out these things from Rimmel. I’ve had the Wake Me Up foundation and the Stay Matte one for about three years now and it is time for them to go. I loved the Wake Me Up one as it wasn’t too heavy and perfect for summer but now it has just gone off and is very flaky. I might pick it up again though! The Stay Matte was just too mousse-y for me and caked up a little. I also have dry skin so being matte is not really a huge concern for me. It has also gone off now thought, as it’s crumbling and is very difficult to get out of the tube. I wouldn’t buy it again however.
The Match Perfection concealer I’m throwing out because I’ve used it all up. I’ve already bought another one and I love them for brightening under the eyes!
The Keep Calm and Play lipbalm was just a no go for me; it didn’t moisturize my lips at all and gave this strange streaky colour. Not sure if they sell it still but I wouldn’t buy it again.
This is a Chi Chi blending sponge which I actually loved a lot and would buy again however when I washed it, it became very strange and started flaking and leaving small fluff and strings on my face. However, I remember it being not too expensive so I would buy it again.
This Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, I absolutely love! It’s expired which is why it’s in this pile but I’ll definitely be getting it again as it does a great job, tastes nice and is fun to use!
These things from Australis just didn’t work for me. The 4in1 concealer palette wasn’t pigmented enough, didn’t colour correct well and has now dried out. The Tint My Brow was fine, except that the wand was ridiculously big. I know they have released a new one with a smaller wand so I might give that a go next!


These are some Revlon lip crayons which I really liked, especially mixing them together about two summers ago, but they have now gone off and they smell pretty strange so it was just time to bin them.
And finally, all these concealers were just huge disappointments for me and you can find a full post about why they didn’t work here.
Have you ever decluttered your makeup?

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