Disappointing Drugstore Concealers

I was clearing out my makeup stash when I came upon these four concealers that I haven’t used up and that just didn’t work for me at all for various reasons. So I thought I’d blog about them.


The first is this 24H Super Stay Maybelline concealer. I like the wand this has on it, it’s long, thin and bends well making it very easy to use. However the product itself is just a no go. For one thing, it oxidases like crazy straight away so the shade you think you’ll get is not at all what it really comes out as. It’s also very drying and sticks to every bit of dry patches on my skin. It’s also very hard to blend out, no matter what tool I used.
The next is this Australis concealer. Now to be fair, I got this years ago and I tried to give it a good shot back in my new-to-makeup days. But it just didn’t work. It’s also very drying and comes out very patchy. It cakes up very quickly and doesn’t do a good job at actually concealing either. I did like however the packaging as the lid on it is very secure.
Another concealer that didn’t work for me is this Rimmel Hide The Blemish one. Again I tried to hard to give this a good go. The lid of it is very flimsy and falls off easily. It comes our creamy and blends out well but once it’s blended out there is no pigmentation. It’s like it’s not even there. That is why this didn’t work for me.
Finally, the L’Oreal Infalible concealer. Now I had high hopes for this because I’ve heard that the Infalible foundation is amazing. But this just didn’t do it for me. For one thing, it’s impossible to blend. Once you put it on, it’s not moving anywhere. It also didn’t have as much coverage as a concealer in my opinion should have and was also drying.
So those are the concealers that have disappointed me and didn’t work for me personally. Please remember this is just my opinion and these may work well on other skin tones so if you use these and love them then that is super exciting and please continue to use them! I also love these brands and have a lot of other products from them which are outstanding. But these just did not work for me.
Have you tried any of these? What did you think?

18 thoughts on “Disappointing Drugstore Concealers

    1. Hi Yiota! I’m glad it helps!!! I’m not too sure for oily skin unfortunately as I have dry/normal skin!! So I can’t really recommend much! But I’ve read the LA Girl concealers are meant to be good for oily skin! Hope that helps 😀 xx


  1. I’ve had the super stay one before and feel the same as you. My go to concealer is the maybelline fit me, I love it! Also the L’Oréal infalliable foundation is amazing!


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