Garnier Perfect Blur 5 Sec | Review

This is a ‘smoothing base perfector’, which I use as a pore minimizing primer.

You only need the smallest, literally smallest amount and it goes a long way. I find that it fills in my pores extremely well, smoothing them out, making them smaller and makes sure that any makeup I apply over them, won’t sink in or define them. Makeup glides on very easily over the top and I haven’t encountered any issues with the application.
Worked in
It’s of a smooth, soft velvet consistency, which is very easy to apply and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or dirty or anything. Once on, it doesn’t budge all day and my pores look the same at night as they did in the morning. I have dry to combination skin, so I’m not sure how it does combating oil but it doesn’t make me any more oily or greasy.
I don’t think it made my skin necessarily look ‘younger’ as it claims but I also am 22 and don’t have many wrinkles yet! But it did create a great base for makeup and made my skin look a lot smoother.
You can find it at Priceline here and its RRP is $16.99.
What’s your favorite primer? Have you tried this before?

22 thoughts on “Garnier Perfect Blur 5 Sec | Review

  1. I love products that make my skin look smoother! I have several that I love, but haven’t tried this one yet. I especially love using them for the pores on my nose. Great review! Going to have to try this one!


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