Rimmel Fix & Protect Primer | Review

I got this because I love primers as I have pores and I find that they can make makeup application so much nicer and with a RRP of $13.95 from Priceline I though this would be a great one to give a go.

I love Rimmel as a brand. They have some amazing concealers and lipsticks and blushes and bronzers, the list goes on. But this primer, unfortunately, just didn’t do it for me. In theory, it sounds amazing. It’s anti-pollution, anti-stress, with a protective shield, which is means to perfect the skin. Plus it has SPF 25, which is always super important, especially in Australia.
It’s a white runny consistency and smells like sweet sunscreen. The smells doesn’t bother me at all as I love summer so scents like that just give me really awesome, happy sunny thoughts. The packaging isn’t anything exciting, just a plastic 30mL tube.
I think if you were to use this as a sunscreen, it would be great. It’s easy to apply and blends out to give a nice sheen. So for a no-makeup, heading to the beach sort of thing, this would be ideal. I just don’t think you can classify it as a primer sadly. It didn’t fill any of my pores and it left the skin feeling slightly greasy. Makeup on top of it, I didn’t see any difference compared to no primer and if anything I found I got slightly oily throughout the day because of it and my makeup moved around a little more.
So yeah, for a sunscreen I think this would be great, which is what I plan to use it for in summer. But I don’t think it’s worth the money for a makeup primer as there are other great drugstore primers out there.
You can find it on the Priceline website here.
Have you tried this before? What did you think?

18 thoughts on “Rimmel Fix & Protect Primer | Review

  1. I’m rubbish with primers, I never get on with any of them haha! I’m glad you’re still going to use it though as a sunscreen, at least it won’t go to waste!

    corrie | corriearnold.co.uk


    1. Oh yeah I’ve tried heaps of other primers that work amazing! Just not this one! But yeah I’ve heard about it cosmetics as well, sucks it’s not drugstore though! But yeah will definitely still be trying it 😊 xx


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