Elf Sunkissed Glow Bronzer | Review

This was $3 from Kmart so I didn’t really have a reason not to try it.

This bronzer is pretty gorgeous in it’s own way. It won’t give you an intense bronzed look or any kind of contour however, it will give you a stunning glow and a very light “sun kissed” shadow. It’s a very pretty gold shade, which I’ll admit I’ve used as an eyeshadow as well.
But in general for the winter, when my skin is far paler than in summer, it gives a very realistic healthy glow to the skin, throwing a little shadow to just lightly outline the frames of the face. It’s easy to blend and easy to build up and it’s not powdery at all.
All in all for the price, I think it’s great especially if you have paler skin or are just after a subtle glow. You can check it out on the Elf Australian website here.
Have you tried this before?

18 thoughts on “Elf Sunkissed Glow Bronzer | Review

  1. I really need to start using ELF makeup products again! Their site got temporarily shut down in the UK, but now they’re back I think it’s time to make a purchase…starting with this bronzer!

    Kayleigh x


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