Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls Powder | Review

I picked this up in the shade Translucent a while back when Physicians Formula was on sale at Priceline and I’m so glad I did!

I use it as a highlighter rather than a powder just as I think it might be slightly too glittery for an all over the face powder. However for a subtle highlight to give you a natural glow, this stuff is amazing!
It doesn’t have chunks of glitter in it but you do need to be careful to use the smallest amount as I find if I use a lot, by the end of the day it can go everywhere. But it’s also good, as only the smallest amount is needed for a very natural illuminating glow! I think during summer I’ll be more into intense highlight and will use more product but for now a small amount is the way for me. Plus using a little means it will last a really long time!
It applies seamlessly and blends out easily, not feeling heavy or too powdery. The packaging is gorgeous and the pearls themselves look very pretty. It comes with a brush which I personally didn’t use and a mirror, which is always handy!
The price is pretty steep for a drugstore product (at RRP: $29.95) however Priceline constantly has sales on Physicians Formula and I think if you catch it on 40%/50% off then it’s definitely worth it! I’m definitely excited to use it heaps in summer!
You can find it here (currently 40% off!).
Have you tried it before? What did you think?

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