Too Faced Hangover Primer | Review

I’m a big lover of primers as I have pores and in general, think that primers make such a big difference in the way your makeup applies and how long it lasts. So it’s no surprise that I had to try out the much talked about Too Faced one.

It’s a very light, liquid consistency, which is transparent. It gives my skin a little glow but it’s not anything too shiny. You don’t need much; one pump is enough for the whole face. Once rubbed in, it dries very fast and creates a brilliant smooth base.
I have quite a lot of pores around my nose, chin and forehead areas and I find that sometimes silicone-free primers (which this one is) don’t cover the pores well. However this did a decent job. It evened out the skin and made the pores less visible. It may not be the best pore covering primer I’ve ever used but seeing as I liked the overall effect I was alright with it. Plus with makeup on top, because of how smooth the base was, all my pores were covered up anyway and it didn’t let any makeup sink into them. I know Too Faced does a primer specifically for pores but I haven’t had the chance to try it yet.
Makeup slides on beautifully on top of this primer and blends out very easily. It has coconut water in it, which is good for hydrating the skin meaning it won’t dry you out. There is a slight coconut smell but it’s not too overpowering either. I also love how sturdy the packaging is and that it comes with a pump!
I’d definitely recommend checking this out if you haven’t already, as it is very nourishing, it gives the skin a very healthy look and lets your makeup go on beautifully!
You can check it out on the Mecca website here.
Have you tried the Too Faced Hangover Primer before? What did you think of it?

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