Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor | Review

These have been all the rave lately so I decided to throw in my two cents. I have the shade Devotion, which is a deep watermelon, pink.

Lets start with the packaging. I love it. It’s very sleek, sophisticated and pretty. I like the frosted glass and the silver lid, with not much writing all around. It’s minimalistic and I’m a fan. The wand it comes with is large, soft and really easy to use. It has a very sweet scent, which slightly reminds me of watermelon.
The lipstick itself glides on very smoothly and is very pigmented. One swipe on both lips is enough, as it doesn’t build well but it doesn’t need to as the pigmentation is there. This color is consistent and spreads out evenly over the lips. It’s not sticky however it does sink into my lines (if I use a lip liner underneath however it doesn’t as much). It dries relatively fast but is transferrable. I would say this is the biggest draw back for me, as it seems to not last very well on me at all. It goes onto cups and transfers onto skin as well.
No lipliner underneath
I think I’ll definitely check out some other shades just to see if they are as pigmented and because the only draw back for me has been how it doesn’t last long. I do really like the packaging, the way it applies and feels so overall I’m happy with it.
You can check out the whole range here.
Have you tried these Revlon Lipcolors out? What did you think?

36 thoughts on “Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor | Review

  1. I just love the colour of that, too bad it doesn’t last long though! You seem really lovely and have a great blog too, let me know if you would like to follow each other and stay in touch! x


  2. I have the berry one (addiction?) and that one leaves behind a lovely stain when it wears away, so the whole long lasting thing is better than a lighter colour I imagine! The only thing I find is a little bit of a let down is that it isn’t completely matte! xo


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