Chi Chi Mosaic Blush | Review

I have the shade Pink Peach and I can honestly say I feel like these blushes deserve more recognition!
The packaging is sleek and simple, a reflective plastic material, however it’s very sturdy, so the chances of it smashing are very low. Inside there is a huge mirror, which is always a bonus and the blush itself takes up a large amount of the pan, definitely making it great value for money.


There are five blush shades, all pigmented and shimmery! There are very slight flecks of glitter through it, however personally when I apply it to the face, I don’t notice them at all. Instead it gives a little bit of a nice, ‘natural’ shine. If you are absolutely against glitter however, then definitely make sure to swatch this before you buy it.
There is a very light coral shade, a deep berry shade, a warm brown, a peachy pink and a muted, light coral shade in the mosaic. Personally I just flick my brush over the whole thing and apply the mixture all together, which gives a lovely peachy pink color. You can however pick and choose, if you wanted something a bit more light or dark and use only a mixture of some or each shade individually.
I think for the price tag of $19.95 you get a lot of product in here, it’s pigmented and gives a lovely flush. Definitely would recommend checking them out! You can find it (and other shades) on the Chi Chi website here.
 Have you tried them before?

23 thoughts on “Chi Chi Mosaic Blush | Review

    1. Ah well I’m glad I could remind you! Chi Chi defintiely have some really nice products!! So I would 100% recommend checking their other stuff out too 🙂


    1. Yeah the glitter is definitely not for everyone! I find I barely notice it when I wear it personally but yeah, everyone is different 🙂 Fully agree I prefer to build up product rather than put on too much to begin with 🙂 xx


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