Fashion Friday | Selena Gomez Edition

I will be the first to admit that clothes are not my strong suit. It takes me a while to decide to buy something and even longer to find something I really want. That doesn’t stop me however, from seeking inspiration from the vast fashion world as I think clothes are very, very important.

What you wear shows the world who you are, everyone buys clothes they think will look good in or make some sort of statement and everyone wants to look in the mirror in the morning and like what they see. There are so many possibilities out there with fashion and I think it’s important to always be on the lookout for pieces and styles you might enjoy.
Today, I want to discuss Selena Gomez and her style. She’s definitely grown up in what she wears and how she wears it and I’ve started to absolutely love every bit of it. She always looks stunning, whether dressed casually, smart or fancy.
Here are some of my favorite looks by her from the last year. I focused mainly on her warm, winter style as this cold weather is only making me interested in jumpers and sweaters rather than dresses and bikinis! She’s always so put together, I can only hope one day I can dress as well!


(Images sourced from, and Google)
That last one is my absolute favourite, that top has me dying!! So gorgeous!
PS: Her songs ‘Perfect’ and ‘Kill ‘Em With Kindness’ are some of my current favourites!

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